Auburn barista nearly kidnapped through drive-thru window

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Harrowing surveillance footage has captured a Washington state barista narrowly escaping a man who tried to drag her through a drive-thru window during a suspected kidnapping attempt Monday. Square pole anchor

Auburn barista nearly kidnapped through drive-thru window

The disturbing incident took place around 5 a.m. at a coffee stand located in the 2200 block of Auburn Way in Auburn, police said.

In a video shared by authorities, the female barista hands a male customer driving an SUV what appears to be some change, and in that moment he grabs hold of her hand and forcefully yanks it toward him.

According to police, the suspect then “attempted to drag the victim through the window using a looped zip tie device.”

The woman managed to pull her arm back into the window and close it, and the customer drove off.

Auburn police said in a tweet cops arrested the suspect Tuesday after “overwhelming support from the community.” 

Police said before the unidentified man’s capture, that he had a distinct tattoo on his left forearm that appears to spell out “Chevrolet.”

Kolby Crossley, with the Auburn Police Department, described the abduction attempt to Fox 13 as “very alarming.”

Crossley said the victim suffered minor cuts to her arm.

Auburn barista nearly kidnapped through drive-thru window

Wire Mesh The owner of the business where the incident took place told KOMO News her entire staff has been shaken up by what happened. She also said the woman who escaped being kidnapped has worked at the business for 15 years.